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For Birth and Death registration Citizens are advised to take hospital acknowledgement slip before hospital discharge.
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Mr. Ramesh Chandra Behera
MLA, Daspalla Constituency
Daspalla N.A.C has been constituted in the year 2014, with derivation concept to provide the basic needs of the people in Council areas having self management through enhancement of own revenue. Implementing Social Scheme/ Programme for provides the basic service to the people this city like DAY-NULM, PMAY, SBM, Solid Waste Management, and development of road and drainage system, electrification, water supply, health, education, greenery, development of parks, conservation of water bodies. it communication system with total socio economical requirement of urban poor in slum areas to have a healthy, wealthy and maintaining hygienic environmental pollution free life. Daspalla N.A.C giving its best efforts to achieve the aim and objectives of government into the objective of the N.A.C. It is a great task for Daspalla N.A.C to achieve it with support of citizen. Thank You.  


Daspalla NAC was constituted in the year 2014. Daspalla NAC spread over an area of 15.0327 Sq. km comprising 10 revenue villages and divided into 16 wards for administrative convenience. The gradual growth in the town is observed in the last decade, both in areas and population wise. The total population of the NAC area increased from 16,310 in 2001 to 18,471 in 2011. The decadal growth rate is 13.24% from 2001 to 2011. This NAC constitutes 16 wards. The present Council came into power with effect from 17.04.2015. Smt Babita Sahoo was elected as Chairperson on 17.04.2015 & Sri. Prakash Kumar Sahoo was elected as Vice-Chairperson on 27.04.2015.

Mr. Debabrata Kar
Executive Officer, N.A.C Daspalla
It is my great pleasure that i got a chance to serve the people of Daspalla NAC, as being EO of Daspalla NAC I feel a responsibility to make available all the services to the people of Daspalla, like better road, better street lights, clean and beautiful city, better water supply and many other services. Citizens are advised to visit the Office or call us to know more about various Govt. services. Our team at Daspalla NAC is always ready to solve any problem regarding the services which you get from Daspalla NAC, and we expect your support and guidance to make Daspalla a Model Town of India.
Thank You.